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About Us

Ever since the birth of the company more than two decades ago, Developmind Consulting Group, with direct presence in Mexico, United States, Central and South America has committed itself with excellence and organizational vanguard, accompanying and transforming the best organizations in the world.

Our team is comprised by top – tier consultants who incorporate their vast experience in the field of organizations and their sound and constant preparation to produce the most successful combination.

We have generated ideas that cause paradigm change, witnessed teams that imagine and create, mental limits that recede, communication channels that get strengthen and leaderships that are forged with the will of each moment.

This is what we are and this is our vision for your organization.

What Our Customers Say


SWITCH Change Management is a tool that modifies many paradigms with respect to Project Management. Personally my areas are constantly changing and this tool comes to evolve the way of managing projects. Totally Recommended!

- Alberto Arizaga - Global Procurement Director -
Patrón Spirit

The first time they told me about the prestige of Developmind, I firmly believed that by taking some professionals I would have to leave a positive effect on the Convention they entrusted to me and what happened from the beginning was an inspiring effect full of magic, causing our team vibrate when performing the different Team Buildings.

- Fernando Pineda - Gerente de Proyectos -
Grupo Merza

I believe that SWITCH is a powerful tool for managing change because it allows you to make changes in an orderly manner, in an orderly and conscientious manner, in such a way that it positively impacts all your collaborators.

- Irma Romero - Gerente de Recursos Humanos -

Lapp México

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